I have so many papers that I've written that could probably be fit for publication, but I'd need to edit them and editing just takes way too much fucking time and energy...

I do often define myself as queer (and a faggot), but this is a really important point:

People on the street keep saying "hi" to me today. Must not be scowling as much as I usually do.

The "they" in the second half of this post referring to my friend who teaches the workshop, not the bankers and corporate shills who they teach to, to be clear. Obviously, I know more than bankers and corporate shills (about more things than just gender and sexuality).

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A friend of mine works for the biggest Pride organization in the country, with part of their job being to give educational workshops on gender, sexuality, and inclusivity to funders (i.e., bankers and corporate shills), and its been kind of shocking to realize that I actually know a lot more about queer theory, history, politics, etc. than they do, and that they are essentially teaching highschool sex-ed level lessons to these people...

Doesn't help that today I'm mostly reading, stretched out on the floor with a pillow and a book and some snacks.

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Nothing makes me feel like a foppish, degenerate intellectual like "working" on my dissertation in my office while manual labourers build a towering housing structure directly outside my window.

For a number of reasons (including the fact that various social services have been overwhelmed or reduced due TO COVID) there are a lot more street folks just out existing in public in the city where I live these days, but the way people around here talk about it, you'd think it was fucking Mad Max out there because they had to see a homeless person on their walk to work, or they heard someone having a psychotic episode out on the street at night.

Nick Land is (obviously) an absolute shit, but this passage about Derrida from Thirst for Annihilation is hilarious and accurate:

I really don't understand the appeal of Asimov. He is not a good writer. His ideas are (maybe) interesting, but the execution is atrocious. Give me Le Guin or Philip K. Dick any day over Asimov.

"meanwhile I marvel at how prone my mind is to errors. For although I am considering these things within myself silently and without words, nevertheless I seize upon words themselves and I am nearly deceived by the ways in which people commonly speak. For we say that we see the wax itself, if it is present, and not that we judge it to be present from its color or shape. Whence I might conclude straightaway that I know the wax through the vision had by the eye, and not through an inspection on the part of the mind alone. But then were I perchance to look out my window and observe men crossing the square, I would ordinarily say I see the men themselves just as I say I see the wax. But what do I see aside from hats and clothes, which could conceal automata? Yet I judge them to be men. Thus what I thought I had seen with my eyes, I actually grasped solely with the faculty of judgment, which is in my mind"

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I don't think people talk enough about how Descartes famous formula for subjectivity ("cogito ergo sum") was, in part, motivated by a paranoid anxiety that other people might be automata/androids/replicants...

I am the daughter of all the twisted mentats you couldn't kill.

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