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We're undergoing a tiny name switch to better articulate the structures we want to help build and create. From today going forward, we will be known as the Anarchist Pedagogies Collective.

This change also comes following our first School Revolt festival and the process of reflecting on it, which helped us more clearly understand the values we stand for.

More information is available here:

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This thread is going to hold together some information about the different events taking place during the School Revolt.

All of the information can be found in the program website (and you can use the Google calendar if you need reminders). Information will be updated as participants submit it to us.

All events and the schedule can be found here:

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Putting up a quick . Might come back to pin a better one.

First: Yes, we moved! Wanted a bit cozier of a space.

Second: We're a collective of international anarchists who are trying our best to create a space that will foster anarchist education wherever people are.

This means we want to help create links between different communities, support a range of initiatives that enable people to break free from the system, and share as many experiences and tools as possible.

We don't want to focus on theory (though many of us enjoy it). We want to see action, to encourage action, and to see how those actions create new theory, build upon existing ideas, or tear it apart.

Begging "anti-imperialists" to understand that people in non-US-aligned countries have agency.

Sorry to say, the event (Disability in Our Learning Spaces) on September 16 is canceled.

We'll have more information later as we're still trying to work out other plans. We want to ensure a truly accessible space to have these conversations.

KiezPilz, our mycology collective in berlin, has been forced to leave our community lab where we've been cultivating fungi for the past two years after a new landlord purchased the building and is asking for three times the rent.

If you know any spaces in berlin that might have space for our project or want to collaborate, feel free to share this post or send a message 🌱

Image description: A "banner" split in half. onse side has a white background, the other a light purple one with lighter shades. On the latter, there is the logo of a library which is an open book with flames coming out of it,all in bold black. On the rest of the "banner", you can find the same info shared in the post above.

Touchpaper Anarchist Library Now Open!

385 Queens Road
New Cross
SE14 5HD

From now on open every week:
Tuesday 4pm to 9pm,
Sunday 2pm to 7pm

#OtD 6 Sep 1966 Mozambican-Greek revolutionary Dimitri Tsafendas assassinated the architect of apartheid, South African PM Hendrik Verwoerd, by stabbing him in parliament. Sent to a psychiatric hospital, he lived to see apartheid fall but wasn't released.

Hey #followerpower

Next week we have some screenings around #Berlin. We have a few days in between screenings and we are looking for a sleeping place for two nights (14th and 15th September).

We will be two people and one elderly dog. One of us is chronically sick and noise sensitive so its important for us to have a quiet and calm room.

So far we haven't found anything, and we can't afford to book something. Our other option would be to sleep in the car or tent somewhere a bit outside the city, so if anyone has experience with wild camping around Berlin this could also be interesting for us.

Maybe someone can help? We would be very grateful. Send us a DM.

Just printed a stack of @fedizine to distro to the comrades. It’s gorgeous! (And I really appreciate the solid design and page numbering, too)

If anyone wants to to help affectees of the flood in Pakistan, pls donate to this fundraiser.

It is organized by socialist-feminist collective with a long history of grassroots struggle.

I can vouch for the people behind it. They are always there in times of crisis, standing up to the militarized state dispossessing people of their land and their homes.

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Join Blue Ridge ABC for political prisoner letter writing, Sunday Sept 4th from 3-5pm at West Asheville Park, 198 Vermont Ave!

Are there servers that run Jitsi with some kind of live transcription ability?

Because it'd be useful for future information.

We're raising funds to support the legal costs for our siblings and comrades kidnapped by the police because guilty of solidarity towards unlawfully targeted migrants.

You can donate here:

And can check our older post to know more about it:

#Dalston #ImmigrationRaids #Resistance #Fundraising

Anarchism doesn't mean you get to treat people like trash, and any academic who continually persists in pushing this line of inquiry should immediately be beaten with a printed copy of their drivel that's been rolled up into a tube.

If you cannot take the time to learn about something, you really should stop trying to pretend you're an expert on it.

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You're not much of an anarchist if you think that not being allowed to harass women or minorities is infringing upon your personal freedom imo

Anarchism isn't just the opposition to capitalism and the state. It's the opposition to all unjustified and violent hierarchies

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Pakistan floods, mutual aid disaster relief 

The Workers Solidarity Federation is currently raising money to provide mutual aid disaster relief to people whose lives have been uprooted by the recent floods.

They have already provided medical assistance to more than 5,000 in two different cities in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, this week alone. And their work continues on, with plans to send medicine across the country, as diseases are being spread by the floods.

They have also provided more than 200 ready meals to families in Baluchistan, on a twice daily basis. Many of their activists are homeless themselves.

If you can, please consider donating, or share the link where you can:

This national heroes day, we invite you to kill your heroes and smash their pedestals! Remember: No one can save us but ourselves.

«Anarchism as a Nationality», by Guadalupe Rivera. Translated and illustrated by taller ahuehuete.

"The following essays are a critique of anarchism, but not an academic or theoretical critique, but rather an experiential and propositional contribution, ethnographic if you will, written out of the urgent need to (de)think anarchism from within the [designated] Third World.

Since 2006, in these ten years of practicing anarchism, I have found many potholes that I have always pointed out and consider necessary to overcome. These potholes are neither minor nor superficial, on the contrary, they are deep and of primary importance."

– Guadalupe Rivera (2017)

Also, if you have something that's not written to share, I'd happily include that!

Poetry, stories, essays, visual art, photography... all of that is fine.

And if you have a video or a podcast that you think could be transcribed but need help, I'd also be happy to do that.

So share anything, if you want.

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