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We're bringing it back indoors! Join us Sunday, December 13th from 1 pm-3 pm EST for our next reading discussion!

With the lockdown upon many of us once again and the pandemic continuing to rage, we figure even hardened anti-social @s might be bouncing off the walls at this point. In that light, we’ve decided to revisit a few texts written at the beginning of the first wave of all this that touch on the subjects of lockdown and social isolation, plus a piece by Novatore on solitude.

details here:

We're rescheduling!

Join us next Thursday, November 5th at the same time and place!

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Join us on Friday, October 30th to celebrate the beginning of Halloween weekend with a discussion of the essay Political Naivete by Aragorn!

Following up on the discussion about strategy at our last event and in anticipation of some excitement in the coming month(s), we'll be treating this short piece critiquing Maoism and, by way of this critique, how we engage in the world and who we do it with.

"As long as anarchists do not inform ourselves about the myriad of forces that seek to intentionally confuse their project for an anarchist one, we will continue to be fooled by them. More problematically, and over a long enough timeline, this confusion becomes reality."

Find the essay here:

if you don't feel comfortable bypassing the security error, we've copied the essay to our website here:

Today! We'll have a table or something with us this time so you can find us!

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Enjoy some much-needed and rarely gotten face-to-face time with other anarchists in Philly on Saturday, October 3rd as we gather for a discussion of the essay Social War, Antisocial Tension by Josep Gardenyes.

"When an old lady marches in a protest and imagines the street free of cars and full of gardens; when a young boy lights fire to a shopping center that he and his friends have filled with gas cans and imagines a forest growing out of the ruins; when a mother entertains the fantasy of conducting her own birthing with friends in a free community where her daughter will never know of prison, of marriage, of advertising that assaults her self-esteem, of pollution, of institutional education; when all those worlds flourish parallel to our own, we will be stronger than ever.

Full text:

We’ll be meeting in Clark Park again, this time at the dog bowl – discussion starts at 1:15, come around 1 for social time. As usual, we’ll have some books and pamphlets for viewing and purchase.

we're live in half an hour to discuss Monsieur Dupont's "Your face is so mysteriously kind" - casual chat @1:30, discussion from 2-3!

For those who missed our in-person discussion of Monsieur DuPont's "Your face is so mysteriously kind" (or those who didn't and have more to say) we'll be hosting a second round of discussion online this Sunday. ☠️

"Life is best in idleness and comfort; intelligence and sensitivity are characteristic of a subject position squeezed from sunshine and soft clothing like red juice from a pomegranate. Revolution is the actualisation of human beings as the object of their subjectivity, it is not religious martyrdom minus the religion. If the walls are not made of paper, don’t punch them, if the bars are not made of chocolate, don’t eat them. If you cannot win, refuse the fight."

You can find the text on the anarchist library here:

Reading discussion starts at 2 pm EST on jitsi: is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.