Join us on Sunday, November 6th from 1-3 as we discuss parts 1, 2 and 3 of Adam Curtis’s documentary, Can’t Get You Out of My Head. As usual, we’ll be meeting at Clark Park near the chess tables.

"Love, power, money, ghosts of empire, conspiracies, artificial intelligence – and You. An emotional history of the modern world by Adam Curtis."

We’ll be discussing “Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain,” “Shooting an Fucking are the Same Thing,” and “Money Changes Everything,” though you’re encouraged to watch the whole thing!

Find it on here:

Episodes on YouTube have been abridged to avoid being taken down.

Join us on Sunday, October 16th from 1-3 for a discussion around Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich.

As usual, we’ll be meeting near the chess tables at Clark Park. Perhaps there will be autumnal treats as well?

We’ll be discussing the chapter “Ritualization of Progress.”

"We are all involved in schooling, from both the side of production and that of consumption. We are superstitiously convinced that good learning can and should be produced in us—and that we can produce it in others. Our attempt to withdraw from the concept of school will reveal the resistance we find in ourselves when we try to renounce limitless consumption and the pervasive presumption that others can be manipulated for their own good. No one is fully exempt from the exploitation of others in the schooling process."

Find the reading here:

Join us on Sunday, September 18th from 1-3 for a discussion of the essay Less Within, More Between by dot matrix.

"Feminism provides anarchists with tools to discuss both autonomy and membership. “Feminism,” “racism,” “classism”: the whole lexicon of “identity” is useful to today’s anarchists to the extent that it provides us with ways to talk about, and to meet, both sets of needs."

Find the reading here:

As usual, we’ll be meeting at Clark Park near the chess tables!

Join us Sunday, August 14th from 1-3 for our next reading discussion. We’ll be talking about “Anarchy & Strategy,” an essay by Aragorn! originally published in Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed (AJODA).

"An anarchist strategy is not a strategy about how to make a capitalist or statist society less authoritarian or spectacular. It assumes that we cannot have an anarchist society while the state or capitalism continues to reign."

You can find the reading here:

As usual, this discussion will be held outdoors at Clark Park – we’ll be meeting, as usual, near the chess tables (look for the disreputable-looking people mostly dressed in black who aren’t playing bocce).

July 22
Movie starts 8PM

Machines in Flames (2022, 50min) was first distributed through a network of self-erasing USB data sticks dropped outside corporate campuses. This prompted warning emails from tech firms who feared the release of its secret history of computational self-destruction. They sought to contain its cinematic search for an elusive group - CLODO - that bombed computer companies in 1980s Toulouse, France.

Journeying through the cybernetic nodes of military, industrial, and socialist development, Machines in Flames exposes how recording devices fail to collect the ashes of history. It is unclear what made corporate security firms most anxious: the film’s fiery archival traces, its viral desktop choreography, the paranoid footage of nocturnal stakeouts, or its philosophical investigation of self-combustion?

Machines in Flames is the debut film of the Destructionist International, and the first in a series on the appetite for abolition in ultra-leftism.

The Destructionist International is dedicated to the negative in all of its forms. It is driven by a shared inclination: a taste for the fury of destruction, away from the dull submission of situations to reasoned judgement. This passion helps DI maintain a militant indifference toward individuals, organization, and institutionalization of any kind. It owes its existence to radical events, those rare situations in which abolition becomes actual.

The Destructionist International works across a variety of creative mediums (text, image, video, sound) and themes (militancy, sabotage, technology, liberation). Its first work was the the film Machines in Flames, in which media scholar Andrew Culp and cultural geographer Thomas Dekeyser retraced the footsteps of CLODO’s historic attacks on computer firms in the 1980s.

Learn more about the film and watch the trailer at

July reading: A conversation between anarchists

Join us at Clark Park on Sunday, July 17th from 1-3 for a conversation among anarchists about… a Conversation Between Anarchists! This is a dialogue between imprisoned members of the Greek Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and some Mexican anarchists.

Find the reading on our website ( or here:

Join us June 19th in Clark Park from 1-3 for our next anarchist discussion group.

In line with the times, we'll be reading a few pieces on abortion!

Find the readings here:

We'll be there, and at least one of us will be sharing a skill!

This month we’ll be reading “The Great Caliban: The Struggle Against the Rebel Body,” a chapter from Silvia Federici’s classic work, Caliban and the Witch!

"We can see, in other words, that the human body and not the steam engine, and not even the clock, was the first machine developed by capitalism."

History, gender, Foucault, surgeons stealing the bodies of executed prisoners from the gallows – it’s got something for everyone.

We’ll be meeting in Clark Park by the chess tables on Sunday, May 22nd, from 1-3. Bring a blanket or something else to sit on in case the chairs are full with other people enjoying the warm weather!

Find the reading on our website:

Who likes to work? Not us! Join us on Saturday, April 23 from for our next discussion! We’ll be meeting from 1-3 in an increasingly warmer and pleasant to be in Clark Park.

This month we’ll have two readings on how to live without work – or trying to, at least. We’ll be reading the newly-translated Tangpingest Manifesto

"Some of the young people, disgusted at what they see before them, are moving on. Rather than being crushed by a sinister life, they simply live instinctually. Their poses resembling rest, sleep, sickness, and death, are not meant to renew or refresh, but are a refusal of the order of time itself."

and a section of Matsumoto Hajime’s Manual for a worldwide manuke revolution

"My fellow manuke of the world, rejoice! Throughout Japan, nay, the earth, huge morons have started making tons of unthinkable spaces in opposition to this pointless world. Totally fun places, places that seem on the edge of shutting down but keep it together and persist, extremely cool spaces, places with a full-throttle feeling of freedom, places that are too stupid, places where unexpected people of mystery appear one after another… What’s that? What’s goin’ on? Hey, this looks fun!"

Read the introduction and as much as you’d like of the rest, we’ll be discussing all of it!

find the readings here:

Despite the weather we're on for our discussion about Hello this afternoon!

Join us in Clark Park near the chess tables from 1-3 for this month's event!

"When we invoke commitment to commitment, we are speaking of a form of organization that is far from all the boring clubs and pseudo-military formations. The strength of this form is entirely dependent on the intensity with which one enters into it and how well it shrouds itself. You do not have to believe that you are doing something more serious than playing a game to play it seriously, to win."

With our own plague raging, we’ve got another in-person, outdoor event to warm us all in these cold winter months. Come get exposed to something other than COVID-19 with our next discussion on Antonin Artaud, Hakim Bey and the Theater of Cruelty!

"The theater, like the plague, is in the image of this carnage and this essential separation. It releases conflicts, disengages powers, liberates possibilities, and if these possibilities and these powers are dark, it is the fault not of the plague nor of the theater, but of life."

Join us Sunday, January 30th from 1-3 – we’ll be meeting in the same place as last time, so let us know if you need the address. In case of rain we’ll reschedule.

find the readings on our homepage:

Join us for our next discussion on Sunday, January 2nd from 1-3, where we’ll be discussing (anti) psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s writing on schizophrenia and social control with a chapter from The Politics of Experience and the Birds of Paradise.

"There is no such ‘condition’ as ‘schizophrenia’, but the label is a social fact and the social fact a political event"

Find the reading on our website at:

Barring the weather being really awful, this event will be in our backyard somewhere in West Philly where we can have a fire in peace.

Please contact us for the address and (optional but encouraged) bring something to burn.

This month we’ll be watching Adam Curtis’s three part documentary, The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom? from (dusts off label) 2007!

Curtis examines positive versus negative freedom with examples ranging from the Austrian school of economics to R.D. Laing and anti-psychiatry to neoliberalism and the occupation of Iraq.

If you’ve never watched an Adam Curtis feature you’re in for a treat!

Barring finding a place warmer and more congenial we'll be meeting in Clark Park near the chess tables.

You can find the whole thing on YouTube (or elsewhere) - each part is three hours and we'll be discussing all three!

The crisp of autumn is in the air and the sun ceding ground to the long, long night, which means it’s time for a spooky reading!

"Today, the man best protected against setting the stage for his own dying is the sick person in critical condition. Society, acting through the medical system, decides when and after what indignities and mutilations he shall die."

Join us on Saturday, October 30th in Clark Park (near the chess tables) from 1-3 pm for a discussion about Ivan Illich’s “Death against death” from his classic work Medical Nemesis.

You can read the chapter online with footnotes at:

or in pdf here:

There might even be Halloween treats!

Join us Sunday, September 26th for a discussion about anarchist responses to COVID! This is a subject we’ve talked about a lot, but with vaccines, new restrictions, and the limited economic support from the state being rolled back things look a lot different now – well, except for the growing number of infections!

We’ll be reading two recent pieces, one from some French anarchists who attacked a vaccination site and one less spicy (but still good!) piece from Canada!

About an attack on a vaccination centre:

Health on a human scale:

We’ll be meeting in Clark Park near the chess tables, as usual!

This month we’ll be revisiting the theme of friendship – especially timely given the long pandemic and social strain that’s come with it. Join us in Clark Park (meet by the chess tables) Sunday, August 29th at 1 pm for a discussion of the essay "The terrible things we do to each other."

"And if when I say friend it means a certain willingness to throw everything away for a person you’ve just met or if you seek out certain intensities because you believe that is the purpose of friendship, to have grand and wild experiences, then perhaps we share a certain form of life—a certain idea of the good life, a common understanding of the word happiness."

find the reading here:

we're no musicians, but we'll be tabling during Porchfest tomorrow in west philly!

Catch us with books, pamphlets and more at 47th and Hazel beginning at noon!

If you're in Philly, we'll be meeting at 1 PM in Clark Park to discuss everyone's favorite topic, identity politics! Join us!

2 events this month!
see location info and links to readings after the links

Fredy Perlman - The Reproduction of Daily Life / Frere Dupont - On Marxist ideas of change

Sunday, May 23 1-3 PM EST

Lupus Dragonowl - Against Identity Politics

Sunday, May 16th 1-3 PM

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