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I caught myself admitting that I’d like to pass so men would hate me for different reasons and then my other brain was like “but if you pass then the terrorists win”

“Entangled Life: how fungi make our worlds” and “Wild ones” by Jon Mooallem are two of the best books I’ve read in a long time and I wanna talk to someone about either. I actually haven’t finished EL yet but I will over the next day or so.

This country is basically a big cornfield with cities in between the gaps

Currently crossing the entire United States in a car for The fourth time in eight months. Definitely going to not do it again for a while. This time I’m landing at a house that I’ll actually live inside so that’s pretty cool. 98% of this country is corn fields I swear to god.

Don’t forget I made a small video game. I remembered it last night and I’m still proud. Slightly glitchy but it could be worse. It’s a chore-quest (Zelda-y) thing about a culty town in the future governed by ghosts. Best played not on a phone but you can do little <^>v swipes to move ur character and advance dialogue if you’re on phone.

And that’s the daytime festivities, the family shit, but at night, the girls and I go out and find the fucking homes where the fucking roach exterminators live and we take care of shit

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By day, everyone parades down the main streets with enormous roach floats, everybody dressed like roaches, there’s a clown named “Roachy” who’s face painting all the kids, making them look like roaches, it’s awesome, everyone loves it, everyone loves roachy the clown and all the roach themed celebration

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One cool development for the shoplifting world is that everywhere is banning plastic bags so you’re not the only person walking into a store with their own reusable bag. Gods little gifts.

I had to mail a parking ticket payment to a courthouse in New York and the only envelope I had was addressed to Jaan Laaman who only didn’t get the envelope cuz he got released a few months ago, so I just taped another piece of scrap paper I tore off a notebook over his name and tried to write the addresses but the floor was bumpy and I was a little bit still on an acid trip and basically it’s the funniest fucking piece of mail to ever exist.

I wonder a lot about like how generation z and alpha are going to rebel against millennials and find us annoying and right now I feel like they’re going to be like annoyed and angry about our pessimism towards the government and corporations. And like I bet it’s going to be an annoying grandma thing to distrust doctors, social workers, teachers etc. similar to how it’s annoying to me that older generations thought college was important.

I wanna draw stuff/ work on a comic project I’m excited about but my living situation is getting fucked for a little while and my daily life is about to be a juggle between annoying life maintenance while camping in this heat, and trying to do this gig while pretending to have consistent access to WiFi and outlets so they don’t fire me, and also trying to maintain any relationships. And that’s all a big maybe which still wouldn’t leave me much time to cook or whatever else. I hate being on a gig

It’s always the ones that talk a lot about community that don’t let you crash on their couch.

Something I do love about philly people is when we all just stand there and mean mug a parking cop together while he’s writing a ticket.

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