Don’t forget I made a small video game. I remembered it last night and I’m still proud. Slightly glitchy but it could be worse. It’s a chore-quest (Zelda-y) thing about a culty town in the future governed by ghosts. Best played not on a phone but you can do little <^>v swipes to move ur character and advance dialogue if you’re on phone.

@PhilomenaThePlant I was thinking about this the other day, thanks for reposting. Im even more excited to play now that I've actually read bolo'bolo

@joemama siiiiiick, yeah it’s just barely attached to the book, I just wanted to play with some of the bolobolo lore and not feel like I had to tie myself to it strictly so it’s not the most faithful video game response to the book. Mostly I was excited about ghosts from other eras reverting a bolo back to a “town”.

@PhilomenaThePlant thats okay, I like that you went your own direction. Theres parts of the book I dont like lol. I love all the addition of the ghosts. I liked the ending a lot. Very cool game!

@DarkJeb oh sick thanks! One day I’ll make another one with less colors and a bigger open world (:<

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