Writing this was the first thing I did when I got out of the woods

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Anarchists who break anything other than Starbucks windows are agents of anti-Starbucks forces gone rogue

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Anarchy is just anti-Starbucks propaganda invented by other coffee companies

You know, credit where credits due, the broad American right wing hated people that wear masks before it was cool. What if they dislike masks because we wear them to break laws and it’s just a coincidence that the pandemic resulted in people wearing masks which triggers a guttural aggression to criminals, just mistakenly applied to people avoiding infection

The only thing missing is imagination and experimentation and some weird failure. That’s literally the only thing I’m having a hard time figuring out how to find.

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But even without the director, it’s insane that the rest of the crew exists the way it does. You don’t have to film a sunset again, it’s been filmed, go steal the footage from somewhere, you don’t need to record the sound of a balloon popping, sound libraries are full of them, etc. etc.

There is an enormous anarchist shaped hole in the world of “film” (a silly thing to call it) and there already exists every single tool needed to fill it.

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I think the world of film is almost irredeemably shitty not only because of its content (when films are about conflict, it’s almost 100% of the time a painfully uniform conflict between good and evil and a big percentage of that is between order and chaos, chaos being evil) but also because of the form itself. The roll of the director is incoherent and in all of its forms, is redundant since nothing a director does isn’t also done by someone else who specializes in that thing.

Hey, that being said, if you make mashups or original films or re-edits or whatever, send it my way. As long as it didn’t cost money to make, I would screen at least part of it at a future Videos From The Trash Dimension screening and add it to the VFTTD collection online. Trying to get that started up again with fresh videos if I can.

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Just got sent an anonymous 30 minute film to add to the Videos From The Trash Dimension collection for screenings and stuff and it’s extremely extremely important and game changing for the small world of anarchist film. Cutting a trailer for it when I get out of the mountains tomorrow night. Fuck it’s really good.

I was listening to a podcast targeted at loss prevention employees and I think the advent of self check out was kind of like a second impact situation in the world of LP and covid shoplifting seems like the equivalent of a third impact kind of thing. I heard it described as a “perfect storm” lol.

The planet fitness membership where you can use any of them in the country comes with a guest pass and the guest pass doesn’t expire so you can screen shot it and just give it to anybody for whenever wherever. A lot of people could split one of them. So anyway if any of you are ever traveling and need a shower, hit me up and I’ll send you my partners guest pass.

Yo @bugs this might not be what you’re looking for but if you need a page filler, this panel works on its own outside of the larger piece. I would wanna draw you something just for the zine but I won’t have time until I’m done traveling in a month /=

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