Enjoy this before it’s taken down.

This is my recut of The East. It’s much shorter and E Paige doesn’t die.


Kind of heartbroken because this person I used to know like over a decade ago put me up in their apartment and then kind of didn’t want me there anymore but was too much of a coward to kick me out so they just kind of ignored me until I left on my own. It seemed to have to do with their partner being uncomfortable which makes it worse. I fucking hate it when people with money treat me like I’m a weird story they’re gonna tell their friends later.

Not related to plant comics. Crashing in a house and drawing pictures.

Dug up my old shitty drawing pad without a monitor and made another comic. Ever since moving into a vehicle I also somehow lost the custom font I made and I been using a much shittier one. Trying not to worry about the quality of my comics dropping, I know it doesn’t matter. It’s like deeply silly for me to give a shit.

My drawing pad display broke so I made an extremely simple and shitty comic with my mouse lol. Get ready for the heat.

Never had a cop kick me out of a park apologetically before but I think people generally camp wherever they want here and the fact that someone called the cops on me at 1 am was confusing even to this pig.

Anyway I’m sleepy and I would like to draw a comic but I gotta find outlets.

One time I did a full re-edit of the cult classic motion picture “The East” to make it 30 minutes long and also so that Ellen Page doesn’t die. Here’s a clip from the intro. I’ll upload this in its entirety very soon. (I lost the hard drive fir over a year and recently found it again)

If you missed it, I made a 30 minute game called Bolo’bolo and it plays better not on a phone. There is a character named Rowdy Boy Jim who is potentially crucial to the narrative if that sways you.


Oops I lied, I finished the game now. Best played on a computer cuz the controls suck on phone.


Okay I’m lighting a fire under my ass:

Tomorrow, the new video game will be finished and available to play. It’s called Bolo’bolo, it’s a small open world browser game that’s not exactly about the book of the same name but the universe is inspired by it etc.

If I do not do this thing I’ve said I will do, then I’m a dork.

I’m at a place in my life where I see a little spider crawling on me and I’m just like “know what, you can stay”

Found time while traveling around south to almost complete the game I been working on. I have a beta that I’m having some friends play to test out. Basically all I need now is to add some more minor characters and fix the end sequence glitch. I’m thinking I’ll be done within a week.

Also hello from this public bathroom.

Well I guess this is my game development account for a little while lol.
Anyway this next game is named after the book I’m partially basing the universe on which is “Bolo’bolo”. It takes place in a sort of failed bolo from the perspective of a child who doesn’t know about the world outside this failed bolo. The people there resurrected ghosts from the pre-bolo time and those ghosts reshaped their structure into a “Town” like the ones from the pre-bolo world. Here’s some stills from the process.

Also if anyone’s interested, this was my first attempt at really basic game design which was just me learning how to do it and then completing the thing. It’s not great and looks like nothing. the-trash-dimension.itch.io/ph

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