Imagine my disappointment

Always thought “hard femme” meant she had a huge boner. /=

Losing a job because of a rioting charge does, ironically, make me wanna riot.

You’re a criminal. Your enemies promised you war if you disobeyed and you did. Own it babe, love yourself.

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Are you actually mad at your enemies for hating you as much as you hate them?

Restrapped one of my old slingshots to impress a cute theythem lol

If you’re near Bellingham Washington, come through to see the trash dimension videos and some other stuff (:<<<<<

Look at this tattoo I did on a friend the other day. Thinking about slingshots lately.

Videos From The Trash Dimension is screening VFTTD Ep3 and “Anarchist Film Doesn’t Exist” at the Olympia and Seattle dates. (:<<<<< probs gonna add one more in Bellingham.

Image description: in the photo-real reflection of a broken side mirror on a car, we see Philomena the plant holding her slingshot. She seems to have broken the mirror. Text reads “But that’s none of my business I guess. I am no man. “

Image description: Philomena fastens the elastic strips to the prongs of the slingshot in a photo real alleyway. Text reads “The duality of man bullshit isn’t as interesting as it is miserable. “

Image description: two panels. In one we see her knife poke two holes on the edges of a leather scrap. In the other, she ties both elastic strips through the holes. Text reads “I have a friend who’s dad was a staunch German communist with extremely ant-oppression values. He also abused and neglected his children.”

Image description: two panels. In the smaller one sits a box of “TheraBand exercise elastic” on a photo real sidewalk. In the bigger panel, Philomena cuts two even strips from the elastic. Text reads “I wondered about the idea that we aren’t actually shaped by our ideological clubs but instead just find the ones that answer who we already find ourselves to be.”

Image description: A green plant named Philomena The Plant opens a pocket knife. Text reads “In my life, it’s actually been the people centering their ethical code around the word Community that have been weird about letting me crash on their couch. The anti-social typed have more often been hospitable and like, understanding.”

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