Well the homeowner who left a note on my car telling me to “disappear” finally confronted me in person and I told him it sounded like he should call the police and then he complained that the police wouldn’t help him, and our weird fight stumbled onward like that for a while. I feel better now that we’ve formally fought actually, it’s a weight lifted to just have a normal fight.

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Being a homeowner isn’t something that makes me despise you outright, but I’ve never met someone who calls themself a “homeowner” that wasn’t the worst kind of person.

And holy shit not having heat this past week has been a sick fucking joke

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I was feeling badly about distance between me and other people during the pandemic and feeling misanthropic generally about how people have treated each other during all this. I was hoping traveling would maybe help me find some kind of variety in other people but it’s just thrown me in the path of more opportunities for people to show me how uncomfortable they are with homos, homeless people, etc. I do have some good friends being kind while I travel tho, it’s just not many.

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