Caught us out here tabling at the Mere of Light experimental music show and poetry reading last night…Kicking off sharing rad lit and having abolition conversations with the folks at the Jazz gallery in RW

Just in time for and the 50th anniversary of George Jackson’s assassination—here’s our discussion of his work ‘Blood in my Eye’ with incarcerated comrade Damani Nantambu!

It’s here: Episode 6, in which our host Tai talks colonization and decolonization (indigenous resistance from Turtle Island to the Philippines) with MLS volunteers Ben and Elsa, as well as a discussion with Will Parrish on Standing Rock legal resistance.

Tabling outside the post office—it’s getting pricey, but we don’t quit. Random folks going in to mail packages are mostly more than willing to send off some literature to prisoners!

They tried to tell us we’re not allowed to table out here, but fuck them, we don’t listen to the man!

(also, city ordinance is on our side 🤪)

Despite being kicked out of the office where we were… to…..print for free— we got a lot of printing and packing done today!

Episode 6 is out now!

Tai hosts a discussion of “A World Without Police” by the collective of the same name and “Imagine Yourself Free” by Liberate MKE with Devin Anderson of the African American Roundtable and Maddy of the Lit Supply.

You can find it in most of the standard podcast locations, as well as on our patreon, here:

As someone who wasn’t present for the recording or editing, i was super excited to hear this one and it didn’t disappoint—highly recommend checking it out!

Printed off a bunch of these — thanks to IG @genderenders for sharing — to sell (all proceeds going to marius!) at the letter writing event today—5p, Rose Park (Burleigh & MLK, Milwaukee)

Tomorrow—Rose Park (Burleigh & MLK, Milwaukee)—5p:

We’re hosting a letter writing event & a reading of Sean Swain’s “Days of Tear Gas, Blood & Vomit” as well as setting up a table of our zines and stickers. all funds made will be given to Sean Swain to help fund his upcoming legal fees for his parole hearing.

We’ll have everything you need: paper, pens, stamps and envelopes.

New Episode—It’s up on Spotify and will be elsewhere soon!

A discussion with Ben Turk volunteer with MKE Lit Supply and author of Power on the Inside: Why Incarcerated Lives Matter to the Black Lives Matter Movement, Sean Wilson of the ACLU of Wisconsin and formerly incarcerated member of our community, and Elijah Prioleau currently incarcerated at Waupun CI.

You can also find the episode here:

You can write to Elijah at:

Leon Elijah Prioleau #420053

WCI—Po Box 351

Waupun, Wi 53963–0351

MKE lit supply podcast is now located on spotify and castbox—soon, we’ll be live on other platforms as well!

MKE Lit Supply Podcast — Episode 2: how to destroy the world

Our host Tai speaks with Emily & Maddie about this zine...

now available, check it out here:

Getting orders together and adding this set of essays by Russell Maroon Shoatz to the catalog!

In the before times, we were able to get some donations to support our project (sending rad lit to prisoners), by tabling shows and events around milwaukee, but now we’re unable to table...

So we’ve created a podcast discussing zines from our catalog! check it out and consider supporting us on patreon—feedback welcome!

Our first episode is a discussion of Sean Swain’s ‘The Colonizer’s Corpse: A Liberatory Approach To Maintaining Mental Health While Subject To Isolation In Prison,’ this episode includes and discussion with Sean about this zine as well as an update on Sean’s situation from his partner Lauren.

The mail keeps on coming—but we love it and will continue to share rad lit with the incarcerated community of Wisconsin is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.