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hey, everyone, we're a collective of anarchists and prison abolitionists distributing rad lit to prisoners all across wisconsin (no prisoners anywhere would be are turned away, we just mostly get requests within this state cause our catalog is shared between incarcerated folks and what we do is all spread by all word of mouth at this point)
we also table shows and publish some zines of our own, all of which you can find on our website.

anyone here an ML turned anarchist?

if so, hit us up—we want to discuss “always against the tanks” and want to discuss it with former tankies, figuring they’ll have an interesting perspective.

We will be hosting a potluck and abolition panel with a focus on Prison Rebels and Anticolonial Alternatives for #ShutEmDown2021

Join us on at the Riverwest Jazz Gallery in Milwaukee—August 31, 4pm

Caught us out here tabling at the Mere of Light experimental music show and poetry reading last night…Kicking off sharing rad lit and having abolition conversations with the folks at the Jazz gallery in RW

Just in time for and the 50th anniversary of George Jackson’s assassination—here’s our discussion of his work ‘Blood in my Eye’ with incarcerated comrade Damani Nantambu!

GET CASEY BACK ON THE ROAD // crowdfund, boosts and donate please 

Please support my comrade getting a new car after theirs was impounded after a year of prisoner support, mutual aid/solidarity organizing, and a series of destabilizing medical traumas

It would mean so much if you could kick $1, $5, or even $10-20 over to my dear comrade. Please boost and share widely

On July 25, 1853, the indigenous outlaw Joaquin Murrieta is allegedly killed by the California State Rangers, an organization created solely to stop him. As proof of their deed, the Rangers parade a severed head from town to town, although friends of Murrieta claim it isn't him.

Murrieta's outlaw band all went by the first name Joaquin, evaded capture by snipping telegraph wires, and used horses to travel fast. This type of California banditry continued into the early-1900s. To learn more of this rebellious tradition check out our novel Secolo Nuovo.


We're sharing our 2015 conversation with the editors of "Dixie Be Damned: 300 Years of Insurrection in the American South" ( history of Maroonage, prison revolts, textile & sanitation worker strikes, guerrilla resistance to CSA & USA...


It’s here: Episode 6, in which our host Tai talks colonization and decolonization (indigenous resistance from Turtle Island to the Philippines) with MLS volunteers Ben and Elsa, as well as a discussion with Will Parrish on Standing Rock legal resistance.

Reportback in @igd_news as MACC members and many many others took back Washington Square Park from the police and their benefactors, the wealthy landowners of Greenwich Village. Solidarity with those who fought back against cops at the first Pride!

Police should be ashamed of themselves and they should get better jobs based on actually helping people, rather than bringing trauma and violence with them everywhere they go.

If you ever wanna come heckle cops with us like this sometime, send us a dm. It doesn’t take long, it’s a good time, and you’ll get to see the morale drain right out of the face of these fuckers.

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Oooh, those police, they tried to have a meeting about how they aren’t even good at stopping violence though they take 46% of the city budget. So, we set up with our enormous banner and some fuck the police jams outside the venue. We gave radical antiauthoritarian lit and “cops lie” stickers to everyone who went into the meeting and laughed at the cops and bootlickers who were all flustered by our presence.

Belarus: “When We Rise”

Anarchists who participated in the 2020 revolt in Belarus discuss its strengths and weaknesses—and why the regime and its liberal opposition were able to prevent it from toppling the dictatorship.

An invaluable analysis from the front lines.

the CDC can say whatever they want about masks. I just wanna mess up facial recognition


The international community is condemning through the #TigrayGenocide
The man told you “there is no hunger in Tigray”
900,000 Tigrayans are in “famine conditions” aka 900,000 are dying by hunger as a weapon. This is no more than over 200 hundred massacres that have occurred.


New Post: Unanswered Questions at the Parole Commission…

“Your efforts create a situation where a low-risk population uses programming space, attention, and resources that could be going to support the re-entry of higher risk people, which has a net-negative impact on public safety, because those unsupported higher-risk people are far more likely to harm their communities. Why are you conducting your office in a way that ultimately makes communities less safe?”

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