So... Had a dream night before last. Was on a bridge in a mass group of people, apparently refugees trying to travel. Several billionaire dickships were launching and going off at odd angles and dropping out of the sky. Later on i just kept thinking about Wongburger from athf and laughing hysterically so now i am recruiting for colab help on bezos dick ship wongburger memes because i dont have the capacity to edit images

Funny how ARR's conduct is just now bad enough for anarchists to give a shit in a broad sense, but not when he was smearing all eco-anarchists as fascist

Trump has reportedly declared a state of emergency. Does this secure his seat?

Since the vaccine doesn't seem to stop a person from transmitting the virus, I'm declaring society to be over

Are there changes i need to make to mastodon for privacy? It's just stock rn and i feel like im fucking up. I need to get a vpn also

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@bugs just want to send a thank you for your podcast readings. Listening to stories of the raccoon people.

my fluctuating digital loop of watching all the doom unfolding feels now like staring at the sun. disorienting and even as i try to keep an eye on things I can't make out the details and when i look away it's still pulsing in my focus and obscuring my attention in everyday life until i can't figure out which direction I'm walking, just navigating by the somewhat familiar walls knowing there's a dropoff somewhere around here but i don't know when my feet are going to drop or how far.

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"The state is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies, and this lie creeps from its lips, 'I, the state, am the people.'"
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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a text from Backwoods 

Unable to find Backwoods, because they are so off the grid? Here is a text from Backwoods #1 - "On Subsistence & Slavery" by Fera Sylvain

read here:
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Judge orders the trial of #DanielCastillo to begin. Castillo was one of the architects of the assassination of #BertaCaceres, the legendary Indigenous land defender and founder of #COPINH


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rather than arguing that Facebook “doesn’t get to determine what violence is” or that anarchists and antifascists shouldn’t be “lumped in” with right-wingers and QAnon dingleberries, let’s abandon the free speech model to interrogate why we want to be in/part of these clout accumulation, ad-based surveillance networks at all. Let’s interrogate the urge to proselytize from these networks. And let’s abandon the notion that we are somehow a special political category... because we arent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey yall, i'm new to this platform. you can find me by the same name on instagram. trying to hedge away from the zuckosphere though. is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.