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Not saying it's wrong to listen to Blu blaz or anything. They just reminded me of a thing that I see every once and a while that is curious. That's all.

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Ah yes Blue blaz yet another one if those nihilist anarchists who love using mysogynistic slurs as insults. It's not like they aren't intersectional they just choose not to care it seems. I wonder if it has to do with how so many of these nihilist insurrecto types confuse anarchist praxis with toxicity masculine boasting.

I really do be trying to live like a raccoon irl.

If antifa are terrorists why hasn't the US government given me money and weapons yet? Checkmate christoids

Army veteran and #YPG volunteer against ISIS, Daniel Baker has been given a 3.5 year sentence for calling for armed protests on Facebook in defense against far-Right demonstrations at the #Florida capitol, called directly after J6.


Anarchists who arent gay on some level freak me out.

If you haven't completed at least 40 % of the 10 commandments you are a bad anarchists and I'll send u to anarchy jail.

Anarchists are actually bigots bc they hate tankiesfor their sexuality of being attracted to the Chinese government.

life begins at erection. Sorry if you don't believe in facts kid. Every time u blow a load you are killing thousands of innocent babies.

A dnd alignment test went around on raddle and while most of us have similar values I ended up being chaotic evil rather than chaotic neutral or good. And I think this difference comes down to how we view our anarchist politics. I frame it out of self interest and greed while most frame it out of good heartedness which might be an interesting dynamic to explore in differences between anarchists.

Someone convinced me to spend way too much money on going to see a psychiatrist. I think it will be a massive waste of time but I'll try to keep my mind open as I value that advice given to me by the person who suggested it. Curious to see how it goes.

I kinda love the agorists tactic for dealing with receiving services from underpaid workers. "if you like going to mcdonands but think the workers get paid too little just give them an illegal tip." Cashiers are a little easier but I still need to think about what my approach should be so I can handshake 10 bucks into the hands of wallmart stokers.

Next time someone complains about me not voting I'll say "youre welcome I just wanted to make your vote more powerful. If I voted I would just be diluting your vote." It won't work but it will be funny for me tho

I always cringe at people in radical spaces using words like rogue, dastardly criminal, cowboy ect to make themself sound cool. I usually make fun of them in my head.

confession sometimes I find myself trying to use the cool words like cowboy or rogue or really liking that time someone compared me to robin hood. Its cringe af but I kinda like it. Shame lol

when people talk about doing a land project what does it mean? Like is it buying land and homesteading, squatting or something else? I've never seen it used in context that would explain what it means so I've forever been confused.

Why tf is there a cis woman on grindr who has pictures of children in her profile. Wtf is going on. How tf can someone think that is a good idea.

Make this make sense

ok so this gutter punk is setting at a bar and this gay guy comes up and starts buying him drinks. and after a while he's like "hey can I get a blow job?" and the punk beats the crap out of him. so bar tender was like "why did you do that" and the gutter punk was like "he said something about getting a job

people who have radical politics who also choose to be straight unnerve me a little tbh

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