I think my understanding of basic permaculture is decent cuz I turned kinda shitty soil into good enough soil that I grew some decent veggies by throwing seeds in the ground then not doing anything else. Tho army worms were hard af on them this year so I only got like 15 percent of normal yield.

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@CriminalCabbage sweet! If you wanna share how you made the soil more habitable I'd love to know

@eatsrocks mostly the issue with the soil I had access was due to its texture. It was clay soil so most edible plants smaller than a bush struggle to grow root in it. So it was mostly integrating as much compost as possible to make the soil less like a block of clay. I was short in compostable materia so I use literally everything. Cigarette butts, food scraps, lots of weeds, grass clippings ect.

You sadly have to disturb the soil by digging up the soil and putting compostable material in it then cover with soil.

Non necessary step I putting cardboard with bricks on top to make the soil cooler so earthworms to play in the compost for more time as during the day getting so close to the sun makes it uncomfortably hot for them.

@CriminalCabbage oooo! Clever with the cardboard and bricks. I am struggling to entice the worms to live in a garden I am currently working on & just generally wanting to learn more about land restoration as I do not know much about it right now.

Do you think cigarette butts will harm the dirt eventually or be more helpful simply because they provide something that isn't clay? Also do you think disturbing the soil is worth it as you are making it livable for native plants? Or would you rather have planted something that prefers clay? (You are not obligated to answer these questions if you don't want to, I just like learning about plants.)

It looks wonderful, well done :)

@eatsrocks oh the butts are biodegrable with organic tobacco so not too concerned. Tho they do have the shitty ring to stop fires which is harmful tho. Most butts would be no different than littering.

Disturbing soil is less than idea but it was more of a one time thing so it was an alright compromise to me.

Most the edible plants that grow well in clay take longer than one year to make produce. So as I was hoping to leave my parents before next season I would have just been planting crops which no one will harvest so that's kinda why. Plus if you limit yourself to just really dense clay without tilling you are limiting yourself to mostly just fruits at least in my area.

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