On day I'll loose my hair, then I'll be stuck looking like the great trio of bezos, cops and skinheads.

I followed Peter genderloss on Twitter because I liked their books and like many of their Twitter posts.

What I got was seeing Peter thirst after women on Twitter with some good takes mixed in.

So I was working on the script for this YouTube series I've been writing. Now all the characters will be played by me so I wanted to change how some of the characters look for some positive rep. So making myself look fat for some positive fat character and a ugly non cis person who doesn't pass. Then I thought to myself, oh no if I play all the characters all of them will be white. I should add some nonwhite representation to the cast then thought about what makeup to use to not look white. Then I realized what I was doing in horror. For 20 seconds I literally was planning on doing black face. God damn it

CDC estimates that about 900 k people have died of covid. The US has about 333 million people. That way more deaths than I assumed and I take covid pretty seriously. Dang

Hornieness gone too far 

I remember the time someone showed off their ear gauge hole which was blown out bc they and their SO thought it would be a good idea to stick a dick in their ear hole.

It was horrifying

My politics are being like a raccoon and taking political ideas I like and ditching the rest which means being a alcoholic whiney gay asshole.

I'm only half joking

Abuse, violence 

God I just watched this one video of a cop beating the shit out of his wife. But it's recorded from the POV of the parents young daughter begging her dad not to beat her mom.

Shuts so demoralizing. Like I'm ashamed that I'm a grown ass adult who is in no position to help people in similar situations to this. Sure anarchist activities shouldn't come from a place of feeling like it's a required job but God damn should I be doing more than I currently am.

I really do need to stop watching cop brutality vids it just puts me in a bad mood and makes me want to do very not smart things.

I can't believe some people care about electoral politics when they could bang and do drugs instead. Lol

Don't suggest that making 6 figures is a lot of money or some middle class Americans will lecture u how making 100k+ is literally the same as being in poverty

Oh no climate armeggedon is happening! We gotta run to the ballots. They will save us. Right?

I even looked at one house where the previous occupant graffitied pleas for help and how they want to kill themself on the walls on their last days before they got kicked out.

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Banks r so fucked up. In my local city there are plenty of houses where they kick out the inhabitants then sell it on the market and make less than 10k. Like damn, u made someone homeless for such a measly amount. Depressing stuff

If u support bedtimes you aren't a real lifestylist.

Some people just don't do electoral politics bc politicians don't do what they promise and it really shows.

I swear most Americans are worse off from learning about history from public school. Outside of honors classes in high school almost everything I learned form history teachers was just straight up propaganda that had to be unlearned by reading stuff written by historians. Most Americans would have a better understanding of history if they were never taught history by the US government.

I can really tell bc anytime I talk about the founding of the US, civil war, wwII and other such conflicts a good chunk of Americans just turn into disinformation machines for the US gov. And it's way harder for them to learn the correct story bc they were brainwashed like me as a child.

It's no surprise to me that most of those who taught history at the lower levels were the ones most obsessed with control, obedience and spreading xenophobic fears inti children for no reason.

I still remember my one teacher when I was like 13 would go into rants about how the horrible people in far away lands are almost certainly going to do a terrorist attack next Christmas bc they hate u and want to kill u and everyone u hold dear. Thank God for the troops saving us from the horrible villains.

Violence white supremacy 

White supremacists killers going to prison in the US isn't a good thing. All it does it give the white supremacists access to some of the most vulnerable poc so it's even easy for them to just slaughter poc than if the white supremacists were free.

Wanted to check out a house to buy today . But the block was shut down with police tape due to what I assume was a murder or attempted murder. Any body know how long it takes for cops to take down police tape?

I think my understanding of basic permaculture is decent cuz I turned kinda shitty soil into good enough soil that I grew some decent veggies by throwing seeds in the ground then not doing anything else. Tho army worms were hard af on them this year so I only got like 15 percent of normal yield.

My dad who cares a fuck ton about following the law doesn't wear a mask in public and breaks the mask mandate where I live. Not because he doesn't think masks work but because he is scared of people making fun of him in stores.

How we are related I wonder more every day. Lol

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