Violence white supremacy 

White supremacists killers going to prison in the US isn't a good thing. All it does it give the white supremacists access to some of the most vulnerable poc so it's even easy for them to just slaughter poc than if the white supremacists were free.

Wanted to check out a house to buy today . But the block was shut down with police tape due to what I assume was a murder or attempted murder. Any body know how long it takes for cops to take down police tape?

I think my understanding of basic permaculture is decent cuz I turned kinda shitty soil into good enough soil that I grew some decent veggies by throwing seeds in the ground then not doing anything else. Tho army worms were hard af on them this year so I only got like 15 percent of normal yield.

My dad who cares a fuck ton about following the law doesn't wear a mask in public and breaks the mask mandate where I live. Not because he doesn't think masks work but because he is scared of people making fun of him in stores.

How we are related I wonder more every day. Lol


Incarceration doesn't stop or prevent killing or rape it is only a system of choosing which groups are to be killed or raped.

Playing a forum game to decide the most anarchist living thing.

If you don't want to make a raddle account you can vote in this thread. Hell vote on and raddle. Idgaf

Broke: fuck the police

Woke: the police are meanies.

It's easy to argue prison abolition for simple drug possession n shit. But it's important to remember that's it's also important to advocate for freeing people who do fucked up shit like rapists, child predators and murderers.

you can't separate "patriotism" in the US from the past and present of American white supremacy, slavery, and genocide

you can't just call yourself a "patriotic socialist" and pretend you're repping some other nation than the one that actually exists

It's sad I have to say this but anarchist shouldn't dry snitch to the police about people commiting money laundering. Like damn are not enough people in prison for u?

Not so fun fact. Tax the rich also includes tax poor people's go fund means to pay for medical debt or tax donations trans people's transition even more heavily.

If protests is almost always inherently reformist (it kinda is) on what level are riots resulting from a protest reformist?

An edgy but extremely useless question.

Using rapè outside of it's cultural context feels kinda culturally shitty but the high more than makes up for that fact.

I should be closing on a couple acres of forest any day now. The anxiety will kill me I swear

I don't know the name of anyone I've had sex with lol

My new meds r giving me really bad restless leg syndrome and it's real anoying.

@bugs I forgot to save a link from this band u suggested that I liked. It was written by someone who hated folk punk so as a fundraiser for a bail fund he wrote a folk punk album. U know what I'm talking about? Thanks

Good anarchist / anti authoritarian music

Pat the bunny

Blu blaz

Soundz of the south

Mommy long legs


Anti flag

No means no

Black flag


Cheap perfume not the old one the new one

Oh and cardi b. No? Then explain her wearing an anarchy symbol in bodak yellow..

U should try watching cringe country music vids by yourself or with friends it's pretty fun.

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