"but anarchism don't work" -

Anarchy do not need "to work", anarchism is not a blueprint for a farfetched Utopic dreams. Anarchy is living here and now

"Having a warm gun without bullets"

this was one of the wildest accusations I heard for an arbitrary arrest

How a urban dweller is supposed to do psychogeography in a metropolis where you can't go out peacefully and disappear into the night?

I wish to someone to a version of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" replacing Jolene with Morphine.. Maybe there's already this version, at least in one of those alternate universes

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A fun project of mine has been studying the movement of the moon using a compass and a hand-made inclinometer.

Even though humans figured this stuff out a long time ago, it's been really satisfying to make first-hand observations myself and try to understand the movements of the earth and celestial bodies. :_moonstars:

What would happen if your country (or region) suffered a blackout for a Month or two? For every big city I think the answer would be chaos, could the electricity be a form of domination?

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RT @SmokeSignalBR
Brazil's capital tonight: 6000 Indigenous Peoples from 140 tribes are gathered in front of the country's Supreme Court in a vigil to defend their Rights as the Court prepares to rule on the the time limit trick, tomorrow.

#MarcoTemporalNao #LutaPelaVida https://twitter.com/MidiaNINJA/status/1430306690008748039

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If I attend a dinner party that you are hosting, I am putting my trust in you the cook to not poison me. Whatever happens is a consequence of both of our own decisions.

If someone is holding a gun to my head, forcing me to attend your dinner party and to eat food that you poisoned because someone else is holding a gun to YOUR head, the question of blame, autonomy of participation, and why this is all happening won't be illuminated by yelling about how bad of a person the cook is.

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everyone creating these weird animal hierarchies in their heads. it’s okay to kill pigs because they are “bred for food” but dogs are not okay because they are our friends. we can kill fish because they are ugly, but cats are cute so we can’t kill those. horses are too majestic to kill, but cows are fucking frumpy as fuck so they can get the kill machine. kill the hierarchy in your head and realise how ridiculous it is to complain about animal abuse while eating steak.

I'm just waiting for a kind of "Against the Logic of the Vaccine" to drop. We need more nihilist and AnarchoNihilist voices in the pandemic discussion, bc many are missing the point, we need to discuss topics like mortality, bioterror, how that vaccine is aimed to the capital reproduction not health (many tropical diseases don't have vaccines bc there's no profit).

People are repeating to exhaustion the tired politicians words, but there is no discussion about how the vaccine should be international and part of a planetary commons

What's is going to be the trend for the decade: BiohackerPrimitivism or Anarchism-with-Chinese-Characteristics™ ?

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Made a bot that scrapes the Forbes list and puts billionaires on blast:


(Boosts would be appreciated)

Also - the very talented @CGanimated1227 helped with making a dictionary full of colorful adjectives describing the rich.

cc @subMedia

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Esoteric post-left anti-civ profane nihilist anarchist here!
Having a week of walking on sunshine and ambigious pleasure



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