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I'm still working on album art for this, but I've been working on this project for a month and it's about as finished as I have the energy to make it:

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If Roe is overturned as we all should be expecting at this point, what is the chance that liberals get in the street about it while Biden is still president? I am guessing they will do nothing because it could upset their chances at re-electing somebody that could clearly give zero shits about protecting Roe as precedent. Not that I believe any of this shit matters, but we all know that liberals think it does. I think we should be trying to expand the capacity for access to safe, undetectable at home abortions comunally through mutual aid channels instead of relying on the government to ever do the right thing. Here is one organization where you can get abortion pills online: there are others, however I think we should start compiling resources for this because even searching abortion pills may become dangerous in the future, so getting these things under other pretexts may become necessary. Both of the drugs typically used; Mifepristone and Misoprostol have other uses and it may become necessary to acquire them under false pretences going forward. This will likely be treated as premeditated murder in states that illegalize abortion. I think the only responsible thing to do is to build up supply lines now and develop ways to anonymously communicate need for these pills going forward. This is not something we should be waiting to see about. Assume the worst now and start doing the work in your area.

Gun Violence 

This is some real mental gymnastics to avoid saying they are white.

The problem with the supreme court is not that they are overruling a long standing precedent, it's that it exists at all. It's functioning exactly as intended, as are all the branches of government. Their design is flawed, the founding fathers were shitty people that owned other people and saw no problem with that, but somehow liberals think they materialized the greatest document justifying their right to rule any government has ever conceived. I don't even want to debate that point, sure, let them have that one, the constitution is a perfect document, now the point I'd like to make is; all government is trash, nobody has any right to rule anybody else. The supreme court is illegitimate.

Long post about organizing. 

There is no revolutionary potential in working within the system. Even if Bernie had gotten elected, none of his ideas would have ever been implemented. That's not a nod to Bernie either, that's saying shit is so bad here that no matter who we elect as president, we will never even have single payer healthcare on the table. Only a revolution, focusing on attacking the resources of the rich will accomplish these things and we can't just stop when they tease us with the slightest of concessions. Redistribution is stage 1, not an end and it will not be accomplished by negotiating with the rich. There can be no peace in this class war of their making.

That said, as far as the US is concerned, we need a collective effort to move people away from the social media platforms that are manipulating us and conditioning us into a culture of celebrity/wealth worship. We currently have no class solidarity upon which revolution can be built. FB allowed Q-Anon to grow on its watch and none of it was an accident. It has been a long term coordinated effort to spread misinformation that divides the lower classes into groups that cannot collaborate for their collective class interests. I don't think that will ever change without a huge effort to begin to decondition the fascist brainwashing that encourages the working class to side with the bourgeois interests.

Our false dichotomy political system is also designed to manufacture outrage so the fox news watching republicans believe that the MSNBC watching democrats are their real enemy and vice versa, when this entire establishment is the enemy of anybody outside the bourgeoisie. Democrats are just as culpable for this as Republicans and none of it will ever change by voting the "lesser evil." If the Democrats are in power and wielding that power to attack the poor as they always do, it manufactures outrage against the Democrats and so it turns people to the Republicans and when they get back in power they wield it by clamping down on the wheels of power in service of the rich and that manufactures outrage and pushes people back to the Democrats who pretend to care about the workers once more and it teeters back and forth, over and over and over. This is a one party system in reality and that party is the owners of the entire system. We are wasting our time mucking around in the US political system. It wasn't built for us and it can never work for us. Voting cannot fix it.

Dual Power is the only thing that can fix it, but any form of Dual Power that becomes a challenge to the authority of the political system will be attacked. However, we can look to churches as an example of how Dual Power can be built with the protection of the state itself. There does exist a framework in this country for building Dual Power with the consent of the state and in so doing acquire certain legal protections under the constitution. Churches use this largely for their own personal gain and often they wield that power as a political force. I think this framework needs to be put to use to promote the principals of anarchism to reverse the gains fascists have made by hitching their boats to that of organized religion. In anarchism there exists a huge body of theory that could be considered religious dogma in a broad interpretation.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about these cycles of collective outrage that tend to lead to periods of unrest characterized by demonstrations that in the end get used to discredit our message and actually serve as a boon to state power as we pay bail and fines for the actions we take in these moments and many of our comrades get locked away and forces to labor in benefit of the state. This cycle keeps us locked in a downward spiral of set backs. I can see that cycle starting again and I just wonder if maybe a conversation about tactics and tempering our fury into a usable kind of rage might help us avoid the mistakes we have made over and over and over.

Minimally, I hope we can work towards more asymmetrical tactics this time. We cannot face off with the state head on at present, but we can chip away at its power more effectively by avoiding situations where we face off with a line of riot cops and spread their resources over large geographic areas. Organizing marches only as a distraction to allow other actions to take place. A phalanx of anarchists in black bloc is way too easy for the state and Piss Babies to attack. I think there are way more constructive ways we could be using our energy building mutual aid networks connected by federations of groups organized using "churches," to avoid state repression.

Are you considering organizing against the supreme court's decision overturning roe v wade or you know of an event that was organized through FB? Consider moving it to mobilizon, which is a federated events page that interfaces with mastodon, but can be shared anywhere, including on your proprietary social media accounts. This will give you more control over the event and prevent it from being removed by FB. It will also make it easier to disseminate that information to those of us that stick solely to the fediverse. Here is a link explaining how to get started with that platform;

Silver linings: roe v. wade, lewd 

Only butt sex is still legal, it's butt sex from here on out guys.

Boomers: nobody wants to work anymore

Millennials: nobody wants to twerk anymore

Gen Z: *forced by the boomer bosses to twerk at work* uh? what?

An indecent/alchemy proposal... 

I suggest we make a philosophers stone using all the Earth's billionaires in a giant transmutation circle and use it's power to reverse global warming.

Today in news that will shock you if you have no understanding of capitalism... 

Amazon has positioned itself as a climate change leader, promoting a “Climate Pledge” to zero out emissions by 2040. But a private report we obtained shows the company is drastically undercounting its carbon footprint.

Kind of funny when you say something anti-liberal, #1 liberal galaxy brains come out of the woodwork to try to delegitimize what you are saying with asinine comments that make no sense and belie a fundamental misunderstanding of the terminology you use to make your point and #2 you start getting accused of supporting Trump. To me it makes total sense that liberals be terfs, because even the most, "woke," among them view everything in terms of binaries. You are either for or against, if you are against you are in that big lump of a MAGA chimera which contains all the souls of people that don't like Biden in a nice neat, easy to dislike package. The same is true of conservatives except to them anything Left of putting people in ovens makes one a communist and I'm now fully convinced that both these groups deserve each other. They are just the head vs the tail of the ouroboros forever devouring itself and clinging to arbitrary distinctions in policy that make them different from each other, while married forever in a false dichotomy of meaningless distinctions. There is really no place left in the popular zeitgeist for nuanced opinions or radical beliefs and it's going to be this way until the empire breaks apart. The longer that takes the greater the suffering will be for those that no longer feel represented by this glorified scatological survey. The systems cannot be reformed. As long as Capitalism exists any political party propping it up is a threat to our wellbeing and the are forever one in the same, or as Carlin said, "same shit in different cans."

LASD Gangs/Chris Dorner 

In one of the first paragraphs of the article I posted written by Chris Dorner; Dorner talks about a use of force incident he reported for excessive use of force. The detective that investigated was detective Villanueva. Yes, the same Villanueva that is the Sheriff for all of LAPD now. Yes, the same Villanueva that refuses to investigate Police Gangs inside the LAPD. Yes, the same Villanueva that has tattoos used by the Banditos police gang that he is considered to be the ringleader of and has bragged about on several occasions. Yes, the same Villanueva that refuses to go to meetings of the citizens review board, some of which he has been subpoenaed to attend using court orders that should force him to testify under oath. The LAPD has a culture of corruption. As Dorner points out, many officers directly involved in beating Rodney King were promoted. Villanueva himself has a long history of corruption that has led him to a position of power, in which he acts as a fascist and the city can seemingly do nothing to reign in his trail of terror. Ironically Villanueva was elected as the voice of change for the department. But in the case of the LAPD/LASD, the only change possible is the same problems getting worse and more destructive. Chris Dorner did nothing wrong.

The following website has a database of information about employees of the LASD that have been associated with Deputy gangs, including known white supremacist groups and street gangs within the department.

I highly encourage everybody whether you live in LA or not to get familiar with this stuff, because this is how the police operate everywhere. By looking over this information you can get a good idea of how your local departments operate. How street gangs and white supremacist groups infiltrate departments, become the police and run these institutions in their image, much like how the Italian Mafia did prior and in places like Philadelphia, still do. All of this matters because you can see how this process is actually inevitable due to the nature of the institution of policing. It was always doomed to become what it is today and any police force implemented anywhere will always attract this particular type of corruption. If you control the police, then you have a government sanctioned, funded and armed vehicle for controlling the streets.

Applying for jobs and then getting too anxious to pick up the phone is my current form of praxis. I am incidently stealing the time of recruiters. Time that some corporate entity paid for. So in a way... I am kind of winning.

Will Smith, Amy Schumer, celebrity nonsense. 

Just read some crap about Amy Schumer saying Will Smith is the epitome of Toxic Masculinity because he slapped Chris Rock. Will Smith has spent his whole career refraining from using foul language on his records, refraining from making people feel bad for his jokes, and doing everything he could to resist being labelled the angry black man. At the end of the day Chris Rock deserved that slap for engaging in the same ableist kind of Toxic comedy he always has done. Sure Will Smith has done jokes like that, but he seems willing to grow and change when people tell him he did something hurtful at the very least. Amy Schumer spent her set roasting people telling jokes that didn't land about being the white woman who is going to call the cops when black people get too loud. I get it, it was a joke, but it still relies on racist stereotypes like a lot of her jokes. If she feels uncomfortable because Will Smith stood up for his wife, good. Fuck these "woke," liberal, TERF bitches. I still think Will Smith did the right thing and white people that are offended can just... Keep it to themselves.

I know a lot of shitty punk songs and I've always played them in C minor because for years now I've tuned to CGCFGC and they all work, but I've been branching out into other keys lately and I keep finding these patterns that kind of define certain genres and now I feel like that's all genres are, just a scale pattern to a certain type of beat. I know that people can get really creative with how those things can go together, but there also seems to be some limits to what the ear and brain consider "good," that can be harder to free yourself from after training yourself for years to appreciate the same patterns. I think people are just pattern recognition robots is the whole point really.

Will Smith trying to get everyone to forget last night.

Asking for a friend:. What is a good instance for art stuff?

Far right harassment. 

Par for the course.

After being targeted as a "far-Left journalist" by conspiracy grifter Andy Ngo, a student who covered a protest online received a threatening call about his parents from a number linked to Joey Camp, "a far-right activist who has a history of harassment."

Asesinato de periodista en mexico 

R to @Pajaropolitico: | Armando Linares López, periodista y director del medio de comunicación Monitor Michoacán, fue asesinado la tarde de este martes en un domicilio ubicado en el municipio de Zitácuaro.

Torture, CIA 

CIA used Guantanamo Bay detainee Ammar al-Baluchi as living prop to train up black site interrogators' torture techniques, leaving him with severe brain damage, court documents show

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