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Its amazing the mental gymnastics supposed leftists will do to ignore the reality that the earth literally, even under the study they love to cite which is outdated and has been replaced by much better science to the contrary, cannot support 8 billion people, which is a number we are closing in on rapidly, even with current birthrates slowing. The reality of this problem will manifest in massive starvation and dehydration as water shortages increase in occurance as a function of time assuming climate change continues on its present course. But it is somehow inhumane to encourage people not to expose a new generation to apocalyptic climate change where Soilent Green seems less life fiction daily, by maybe, just maybe adopting instead of giving birth again for fucks sake. As much as I think we need to scrap capitalism asap, which would certainly help this issue, this issue transcends capitalism. Capitalism is a clear exacerbation in that it increases the rate of climate change, but even under the best conditions we have a problem. This problem is the direct result of colonization and industrialization. Before colonization the birth rates stayed within the range of replacement for stable human populations across the Americas for centuries, the same is true of pre-European Africa, Australia and Asia. For centuries people managed to sustain themselves off the land without over stressing it, until the conquest of Europeans. Post-colonization America's population increased tremendously. I hear people claim that humans are the virus, but honestly its Christian Europeans that is the virus. Literally everybody else was doing fine before they arrived and imposed their values of populate the earth and now we still have people that refuse to see how they haven't unlearned that Christian value yet. The fact is, the solution is not Eugenics or Eco-fascism, its decolonization and land back. Let indigenous peoples manage their lands as they had been through time immemorial and this problem will solve itself. The simplest way we can implement this in our daily lives would be to not have children if you of colonizer descent and to put any land assets you own into indigenous land trusts postmortem. Doing that, eating vegan and driving less are the only things you can do individually that will make any difference at all on the trajectory of climate change. Protesting at a politicians house, voting harder, driving an electric car, using solar, won't do shit. You have to make really difficult changes and then encourage others to do the same and that's the only way anything less than apocalyptic will happen in the future. Until then, enjoy the smoke from the increased fires, the lower quality water and the constant noise pollution. I don't think this what y'all meant when you said burn it down, but here we are.

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I'm still working on album art for this, but I've been working on this project for a month and it's about as finished as I have the energy to make it:

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If Roe is overturned as we all should be expecting at this point, what is the chance that liberals get in the street about it while Biden is still president? I am guessing they will do nothing because it could upset their chances at re-electing somebody that could clearly give zero shits about protecting Roe as precedent. Not that I believe any of this shit matters, but we all know that liberals think it does. I think we should be trying to expand the capacity for access to safe, undetectable at home abortions comunally through mutual aid channels instead of relying on the government to ever do the right thing. Here is one organization where you can get abortion pills online: there are others, however I think we should start compiling resources for this because even searching abortion pills may become dangerous in the future, so getting these things under other pretexts may become necessary. Both of the drugs typically used; Mifepristone and Misoprostol have other uses and it may become necessary to acquire them under false pretences going forward. This will likely be treated as premeditated murder in states that illegalize abortion. I think the only responsible thing to do is to build up supply lines now and develop ways to anonymously communicate need for these pills going forward. This is not something we should be waiting to see about. Assume the worst now and start doing the work in your area.

The Hard Times (@REALpunknews)

Help! I Smashed up This Rage Room for 20 Minutes Before Realizing It’s Just a Crate & Barrel

This is a great video on internet privacy or lack there-of. Degoogled android seems like a pretty good base platform for a phone based on this, but its just the tip of the iceberg. This obviously goes deeper though with fingerprinting etc. One thing I've noticed is how much functionality you lose outside the fediverse if you make efforts to not be tracked. Additionally you have to assume by trying to not be tracked actually is a thing about you that can be tracked.

Porque esta el embajador del estados unidos involucrado en el megaproyecto de Chiapas? EEUU es una chingada.

Avispa Midia (@Avispa_Midia): "Mujeres de Chiapas son las más afectadas por militarización y megaproyectos 👉 🐝 "|nitter

Stropharia Rugosoannulata. First wine caps of the fall. Had a big temp drop last night, so lots of stuff should be popping now.

I think dismal Covid shit should probably be under a CW now given how much collective trauma it has caused. 

A story in two images...

These headlines coalesced into one... Bootlickers that claim to be scientists, but have trouble with basic counting skills want you to feel a false sense of security going into was is projected to be another covid surge this fall. Liberal news outlet runs with it because they don't care if you die.

Can you assholes put your masks back on please. Actually scratch the please, do it now. :bloboro: :knife_agender:

I was perusing Mandelbrot's essay about the length of the British coastline today. There are some really interesting political implications. It proves that borders cannot actually exist. The main point being that as you approach 100% precision on defining a natural border, you zoom in and see new, more complex structures that invariable increase the total length of the border. So if you were in space approaching Britain, bays and coves begin to take form. As you get closer the textures of rock formations, further still the rough outline created where grains of sand meet the water and so on into the microscopic level. As you approach infinite magnification you approach an infinite length. An infinite length border would require infinite resources to secure and failing that would be in some way or other permeable. Maintaining borders is a futile endeavor and the energy we put into doing so could be used towards literally anything else and we would all be better off for that shift.

"Is it that day already? Hmmm. I must have been asleep a while."

*Rolls guillotine out into the town square.

I saw a sign walking past a burger king today. $12/hour to work there. I decided to go inside and look at the prices. Most "value," meals are around that $12 mark. Some a little over others a little under, but the message I got was that Burger King feels that an hour of my life is roughly equivalent to a hamburger, some fries and a drink. I saw many people ordering many items and I assume in that hour they sold at least 50 such meals on a staff of maybe 3 or 4 people. So like $600 less maybe $60 if we are generous on wages, less cost of materials and whatever else. I think it would be fair to say in an hour at just this one location Burger King steals $300-$400 in unpaid wages from its workers. Unionizing is life or death to be honest. We can't keep doing these starvation wages while corporate walks away with huge windfalls.

So what is the status of all this money continually bring funneled into the US treasury? Are they loans? Or is it Tribute? In the past military powers that maintained hundreds of military bases outside their own home territory were ordinarily referred to as "empires," and empires regularly demanded tribute from subject peoples. The US government, of course, insists that it is not an empire, but one could easily make a case that the only reason it insists on treating these payments as "loans," and not as "tribute," is precisely to deny the reality of what's going on.

-David Graeber, Debt; The First 5000 Years.

Vegan food 

Maitiake mushrooms freeze really well, these are foraged from last year and I made asada with them for the burrito in the second picture. Salsa Verde is from the tomatillos and jalapeños I grew, I grew everything for the pico but the onions. Its nice to be at that part of the season where you have lots of free food coming in.

Colonization, USPol, WorldPol 

Europeans are the virus. From the nascency of Roman conquest and the Christianity/Catholicism that was brewing in it's entrials, was created this paradigm of colonization as the empire bloated and expanded into Europe to convert heathens and pagans to the one true religion. This campaign all but wiped out the indigenous cultures of Europe that were largely living as indigenous people had before the birth of civilization as we refer to it today. The Christians were so successful, eliminating indigenous people like the Sámi in Norway from existence, they decided to export this model of colonization to the rest of the world, genocide by genocide, and honestly there are not really any genocide events in history I can call to mind as expansive and deadly as the one carried out by the so called, " United States," against the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. Christianity and the subset of religions that splintered from it's foundational texts, has been the most prolific colonizing force the world has ever seen. By and large if something horrible in the world is happening, there is a Christian missionary about a stones throw away or closer. De-christianizing our thoughts is as important as decolonizing them, since the concept of colonization that we know of today was birthed by Christianity and will be birthed a thousand, thousand more times, into the stars even if we can so long as this narrative can perpetuate itself. Its not enough to be atheist or to believe in science, which has structured itself into a religion rather than a process for deriving truths through experimentation, because now that process is guarded by elites that pass down edicts in the form of papers that are interpreted by journalists, and usually poorly, most people can choose to believe or disbelieve based only on the idea of trust in an institution, which is not what science is really, that is the infiltration of Christianity into science. Science doesn't require trust or belief because there is no concrete unshakable truth and proofs are disproven constantly. Science is not the colonizer technology that is built on it's foundations. We are able to choose what to do with our scientific literacy, which should be an anarchistic pursuit, but we haven't chosen that path. Instead we turned science into the new religion. I digress though. The point is, Elon Musk believes in science, he has more or less become a priest of his version of the religion of science and every pursuit he has undertaken has resounded to colonization. He was born a colonizer and slave owner and he remains one of his own volition. That is the real religion underneath it all, that colonizer, Christianity taking a new form. The oroboros devouring its previous forms to spawn it's new form in a cycle that can only end by slaying the beast that is civilization. Humans are not the virus, many people have contributed immensely to the wellbeing of the planet. Which is to say, if literally nothing else, we are quite capable of living within the means of the planet's bounty and even contributing to that continued bounty, but not until we rid ourselves of this Christian virus of colonization and civilization. Not until we destroy wholely the indoctrination we've become enveloped in. Steeped fully from cradle to grave in this idea that we must expand forward for the grace of god. We must find new people to save and we must populate the earth with true believers. Those ideas are no longer limited to Christianity. They have spread into the minds of people that now worship the cult of science as a new means of colonizing and the technology monster it spawned is always hungry. It must devour the precious metals, the lithium, the silicon and enslave even the dirt we walk on to turn it towards indoctrinating and maintaining this always expanding empire. Capitalism is just the economic vessel for this ideology. A legal paradigm to justify the extortion of our bodies and our planet. Capitalism is the true name of the new religion, the fusion of the cult of science and technology with a symbol of indentured servitude to the priests of the capitalist religion, which we call money. This virus is killing the planet. People with names, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, Warren Buffet and so on. These priests of the new religion are destroying the planet and there are a million more of them to take their places if they fall. They are the mutation of the European colonizer virus and we need to find a cure fast.

Asking for help with money this week. 

Hey fedi friends, I appreciate all the help you guys gave me. I am actually good for a few weeks of food now, which I am eternally grateful for and I have an interview tomorrow, so if that goes well I can hopefully get back on my feet a bit. That said, I really hope you guys get some enjoyment from the music. And the offer still stands for anybody that wants it for free to DM me and I'll make sure I get it to you. If you were waiting on my cashapp info, please send what you were going to send to somebody else who needs help on fedi. You guys are literally the absolute best, I am feeling really grateful for this instance and for all the people I've met on here. I hope I'll see some of you in Philly next weekend for the Anarchy Fair. :anarchoheart2:

What is revolution but the Leviathan consuming itself to become the next version of itself?

We need to find a way to become stateless within the bowels of the state. Not to become the state. Not to own the power. To ourselves be free and we can never be truly free when we seek to possess and thus deprive freedom. Those possessions end up owning us and bending our will towards only the maintenance of possession. But then we risk no longer being part of the Leviathan and the enemy of the Leviathan is anything that is not itself.

Is it even possible then to live freely without becoming the target of some state entity? Is there only one way to drop out? I mean really drop out, not half passed paying for my right to oxygen existence, but like lay flat, not participate at all? Does that invariably lead to confrontation with the state and thus annihilation of the self?

Is this whirlwind just an uncontrollable force of nature that we must dutifully traverse until our gruesome end?

Fediblock, Pedophile 

User: @nameisname

I've been seeing more of this shit getting through lately as they make and switch instances to avoid bans and defederation, but then they always go and out themselves by leaving shitty comments on posts they have no business on. I've been getting about as much interaction from this sort of shit lately as from people I enjoy, but anyway ya'll probably want to block this domain and if you're an admin defederate. These assholes seem to make new instances every time they get blocked so be on you're toes, they are just terrible people. This shit seems to be ramping up and the job of a good admin is not easy, so remember to thank yours for keeping the fedi largely safe from this shit most of the time.

@bugs you might want to look into this one as an instance to defederate.

What in the liberal nonsense is going on here?

Fly With Me kite festival puts on a show of solidarity with Afghanistan : NPR

This is literally what we have to do to feed our present population. It is not possible to sustain the "progress," we have achieved under capitalism without the immense suffering of non-human animals. They live in these pens until they are brought to slaughter and that is often the first time they ever see daylight, while being transported in slaughter trucks. This is just one of the evils that props up our systems and all anybody can do is look away. We need to end this civilization. Capitalism is a death march. Your food is made of sentient beings.

I'm excited for the day they find out that defunding the police was the polite version. :burning_tbl:

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